Hewitt’s Dairy, Hagersville

Hewitt’s Ice Cream

If you have ever driven down highway 6 on your way to Port Dover, I bet you have stopped at Hewitt’s Dairy Bar for an ice cream.

Hewitt’s Dairy Bar, Hagersville

A local favourite, Hewitt’s Ice Cream is a staple in the community.

Just a few of the flavours of ice cream

If you have ever been to Hewitt’s in the Summer, you would know that it is guaranteed to be a line up.  Especially if you are passing through on your way to Port Dover’s Friday the 13th.  You could be waiting hours for a cone if Friday the 13th is on a summer day!  I guess even bikers enjoy Hewitt’s Ice Cream!

Although they are probably most famous for their ice cream (my favourite is their Black Cherry, but they have over 30 flavours to choose from) and dairy products, they also have an old fashioned, diner-style restaurant.  The feel is like something from the 60’s and it doesn’t seem like much has changed.  The regulars come in for lunch and chat among themselves and to the women serving them.  The menu is simple; sandwiches (grilled cheese, BLT;  just to name a couple), burgers, and fries.  The perfect compliment to an old-fashioned milkshake.

So if you find yourself in Hagersville, on your way to Port Dover or for any other reason, Make sure you stop in at Hewitt’s to see for yourself why it’s the best ice cream in Haldimand County.



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