Norfolk County: My favourite things

Burning Kiln Winery, Norfolk

Summer is just around the corner and to me that means drives through Norfolk County.  Some of the best beaches, restaurants, wineries and outdoor activities are in Norfolk, I’m going to share just a few of them with you.

Pottahawk Pissup

First, let’s talk beaches.  Norfolk County has plenty of beaches, all of which are beautiful.  My favourite are Long Point, Turkey Point and Port Dover.  The second Sunday in July is my favourite, because it is Pottahawk.

Anyone from the area knows that Pottahawk is the biggest party of the summer.  In 2016, over 2000 boats and 10,000 people came to this sandbar just off the coast of Long Point Provincial Park to party.

Treetop Trek at Long Point Eco Tours

Another favourite of mine is Long Point Eco Adventures and Observatory.  The offer some really great activities such as ziplining and boat tours but my favourite is a package called “Romance Under The Stars.”  This package starts with a winery tour and then a chef prepared dinner.  After dinner, you get two hours in the Observatory and then optional stay at the hotel.  I recommend this amazing package to everyone.

Burning Kiln winery is party of the Long Point Eco Adventures, and my favourite Norfolk County winery.  They pair their great wines with fresh local food and you can taste the love they put into their wine and food. I absolutely their Chenin Blanc, and it pairs so well with dessert made on site.  They have food sold in a food truck style, meant to pair with their wines.  It’s a beautiful winery and one of my favourite places in Norfolk County.

When the weather changes make sure to take a drive to Norfolk County and visit some of the places I love.

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